On November 1, 2017, GONVVAMA is formally put into operation, which means a world first class automotive steel processing base is established to provide customers with the most advanced integrated technical solutions in the world.
GONVVAMA is operational with 4 facilities here in Changshu, in Chongqing, in Shenyang and in Loudi, so we are covering all the Chinese market and we are providing steel solutions.
We are the integrated supply chain of VAMA and We bring the new technological product from VAMA to all the Chinese clients.
VAMA already produce and propose new product of all the catalogue of ArcelorMittal worldwide, which is already very successful in application in north America and in Europe since 3 years, right now with GONVVAMA we can also bring all the steel solutions on the base on these product to all Chinese car makers, speaking of steel solutions we are thinking especially all the laser welded blanks in hot stampings, and extension to dooring application which are very successful in north America and Europe.
Chinese market is very demanding in kind of technology product capable to face all the regulation for the next years.  By regulation, It’s to respond to the crash test, performance, to respond to CO2 requirement, that means all the car makers will be looking for lighter and safer.