North Finance: Another key project SOP, new force adds to Shenyang automobile industry

Recently, a key project in shenyang - VAMA Gonvarri Advance Automotive Steel Solutions (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. (GONVVAMA Shenyang ATS) formally launches its SOP ceremony, who will add new strength to the development of Shenyang automobile and parts industry.
Data shows that automotive steels account for a share of approximately 6% in total steel consumption in China while sheets account for over 70% of automotive steels. With the development of automotive industry, material parts manufacturors are providing continuous forces for the innovation of lightweighting, which opens a new stage of the development of automotive high-strength steel.
GONVVAMA Shenyang ATS combines and welds different ultra high strength steel materials together according to features of various parts of the car body, and uses them to different parts of the car body so as to reduce weight, improve the impact performance and fuel efficiency.
【Interview: GONVVAMA CEO Jean Marc Butin】China’s automotive steel industry is very competitive, China’s automotive industry is undergoing great changes. Our company brings the latest technology - press hardened steels and laser welded blanks into China. We will also bring more new solutions to the market, these solutions are lighter, safer, and more cost-effective.