VAMA&GONVVAMA Custom Event at Chang'an Ford

On the morning of August 23, VAMA&GONVVAMA entered Chang'an Ford hot stamping plant, held a customer event for CAF-plant 1&2, and stampers such as Chongqing Bentler, Chongqing Cosma, Chongqing Zhixin, Chongqing Lianwei, Chongqing Baipu, over 100 front-line production technicians took part in. In-depth discussion and communication were made through this event.
At the seminar, engineers from Chang'an Ford Mazda raised a topic on the difference between hot forming and cold forming processes and development trends.VAMA CMO Mr. Jurgen Cobbaut said: "the application strategy of hot and cold rolled steel is fundamentally driven by the car manufacturers themselves and their business environment and supply system. Ford has always been ahead of the curve in the application and technology of hot formed materials, and compared to cold formed high strength steel, hot forming materials perform better at strength level, molding, resilience and other properties. At present, hot forming technology is becoming more and more mature, it Will be the focus of application development for a long time to come."
After a detailed understanding of the development and mass production schedule of VAMA second-generation hot forming materials, participants expressed their expectation and discussed with VAMA chief of CTS Michael Yang about difficulties encountered in hot forming production process and the feasible solutions. Michael Yang said that, "VAMA's second generation PHS can be produced in batches with the same process window in the existing production line of the first generation PHS, but attention should be paid to some process parameters such as dew point control. Based on the global research and development center of Arcelor-Mittal, VAMA has accumulated a large amount of experience in technology and is able to provide customers with whole-life technical support in the actual production and application of materials.
During the seminar, VAMA and GONVVAMA also brought the Chrysler door ring on display for all the guests, previously, the Honda acura integrated door ring was awarded the 2014 PACE AWARD by Automotive News magazine. Dr. Yannick Yin, GONVVAMA CTO also initiated a discussion on integrated door ring and GONVVAMA's downstream solutions of hot stamping steel with all the participants. In regards of the application of hot formed materials in the design phase based on the vehicle lightweighting, Head of Arcelor-Mittal R&D China Mr. Ma Jieli expressed that "Lightweight schemes that do not take safety into account are not good ones. Arcelor-Mittal S-in-motion® aims to meet the needs of the car manufacturers, work side by side with car manufacturers to optimize the performance of body materials.
Mr. Li Jianping, Director of CAF Manufacturing Department, thanked for this opportunity to communicate. Mr. Yuan Hengxin, Regional Manager of CAF hot stamping plant, said that he will continue to pay attention to the advanced production technology and products of VAMA&GONVVAMA, hot stamping technology is still in the primary stage of development, it requires the cooperation and efforts of raw material suppliers, component manufacturers and OEMs to explore the technical road in line with the development direction of CAF.