VAMA&GONVVAMA attend the 2018 2nd China Car Body Benchmarking Conference

November 2 to 3, 2018, 2nd China Car Body Benchmarking Conference, co-organized by CATARC, Hunan University, China National Machinery Industry Corporation, Nam Kwong (Group) Company Limited, was successfully held in Macau.
VAMA and GONVVAMA as representatives of auto parts companies, present at the conference, and gave an excellent technical presentation at the conference, introducing localized global automotive steel solutions, as well as new steel products for lightweight and safer car body structures, sharing the experience and achievements in car body development.
GONVVAMA Media Interview
Nowadays, traditional car models are constantly breaking through and innovating in body technology. The emergence of new energy models has prompted profound changes in the body technology. The extensive application of new structures and new materials and the popularization of lightweight and high plasticity all indicate that the renewal of body technology has entered the fast lane.
At the conference, VAMA and GONVVAMA also learned a lot about the latest technology and future development direction. Many international carmakers shared typical cases of car body design, technical interpretation of popular models such as BMW new 3 series, Mercedes A-Class, Audi A6/A7 with limited content of Aluminum (less than 5%) and with high content of PHS and Laser welded PHS. In addition, Southeast Auto, Dongfeng Xiaokang and other domestic brands also showed the BIW of the latest model. Some new EV brands also actively participated in the conference. AIWAYS showed pure electric vehicle MAS platform, Nextev showed the ES8 model.