GONVVAMA was awarded“Hurun Luxembourg-China Awards"

In the evening of Jan. 31st, 2019, Hurun Luxembourg CNY Dinner was held at the Parc Hotel Alvisse in Luxembourg. More than 100 participants from politic, business, and culture field were gathered in this grand occasion with Hurun. 
Bertrand Jacquier (left) AMTB CEO accept the award on behalf of GONVVAMA; Rupert Hoogewerf (right)
GONVVAMA was invited to the dinner and was awarded“Hurun Luxembourg-China Awards" as outstanding contributor to Luxembourg-China Relations. Every year, this award is granted to the significant project in China or Luxembourg for recognizing the great contribution that they make to the relationship between China and Luxembourg. 
AMTB CEO Bertrand Jacquier gave speech on behalf of GONVVAMA
Hurun Report is an authority to track and record the change of Chinese entrepreneurs. In 1999 Hurun China Rich List was launched. Since then, a series of breakthrough List were launched. Hurun report also has Hurun Report Magazine and holds a series of forum and events.