The 19th World Intellectual Property day

Today is World Intellectual Property Day (Intellectual). 2000, WIPO Member States designated April 26, which entered into force of the 1970 Intellectual Property Convention, as World Intellectual Property Day, aimed at enhancing general understanding of intellectual property rights. Since then, the annual World Intellectual Property Day has been a unique opportunity for people around the world to think together about how intellectual property can contribute to the prosperity of music and art, and how to promote technological innovation that will help shape our world.
This is the 19th World Intellectual Property day, and WIPO will "Reach for Gold – and explore how IP rights encourage and support the development of sport for fans around the world " as the theme for this year's event day. This year marks the 70 anniversary of the founding of New China and the 20 anniversary of China's initiative to establish world Intellectual property day. Combined with China's national conditions, China to "strict intellectual property protection, to create a first-class business environment" as the theme of the National intellectual property publicity week.
Intellectual property rights refer to the proprietary rights of citizens, legal persons or other organizations in science and technology or in cultural and artistic aspects to the intellectual achievements of creative Labor in accordance with the law. Intellectual property rights include industrial property rights and copyright (known in our country as copyright) two parts.
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