GONVVAMA is invited to attend the National Day event hosted by Luxembourg Embassy in China and Consulate of Luxembourg in Shanghai

June 23rd is the National Day of Luxembourg. On the night of 20th June, Luxembourg Ambassador and Ambassadress to China hold the National Day event at the Luxembourg residence in Beijing. Mr. Sanjay Sharma, ArcelorMittal Vice President and Mr. Jean Marc Butin, GONVVAMA CEO presented to the Luxembourg National Day Reception to show their gratitude to the great support from Luxembourg to ArcelorMittal, VAMA and GONVVAMA since the origin of the projects. On 21st June, General Consul of Luxembourg in Shanghai and his wife hold the National Day Reception at the General Consulate of luxembourg in Shanghai. Mr. Jean Marc, GONVVAMA CEO, Mr, Paul Vivet, GONVVAMA CMO and Mr. Orlando Ortego, GONVVAMA Deputy COO were invited to the event. 
Mr. Sanjay Sharma  ArcelorMittal Vice president
Left to right: Luxembourg Ambassadress; Ms. Zhang Nan, ArcelorMittal PR, GA officer;Mr. Marc Hubsch, Luxembourg Ambassador; Mr. Jean Marc, GONVVAMA CEO
Left to right: Mr. Jean Marc, GONVVAMA CEO; Mr. Luc Decker,Consul General of Luxembourg in Shanghai; Mrs. General Consul;  Mr. Orlando Ortego, GONVVAMA Deputy COO; Mr. Paul Vivet, GONVVAMA CMO
National day reception in General Consulate of Luxembourg in Shanghai on  21st June