GONVVAMA supports the fight against COVID-19 outbreak in Europe


In February 2020, at the peak of the outbreak in China, when the epidemic prevention supplies were in short supply, ArcelorMittal and Gonvarri extended support to GONVVAMA by purchasing masks in Europe, United States and other countries and sending them to China to support the epidemic prevention of four GONVVAMA factories.

Now the peak of outbreak occurs in Europe, after learning that ArcelorMittal and Gonvarri factories in Europe are also in urgent need of epidemic prevention supplies, GONVVAMA executives request for all-round effort to support Europe as fast as possible.

On March 16th, GONVVAMA received its first demand for 40,000 masks. Despite the tight delivery schedule, GONVVAMA's purchasing department, through extensive search and liaison, found a supplier which meet both the delivery schedule and quality requirement within the same day. The first batch of 40,000 masks was delivered to GONVVAMA Changshu factory on March 19th.

To save time for logistics, 40,000 masks are expected to be sent to 21 different offices in Belgium, Britain, France, Germany and Spain. GONVVAMA divided and sent the 40,000 masks by 21 batches in that afternoon. 21 offices are getting the masks successively.

On March 25th, the second batch, 60, 000 masks purchased by GONVVAMA, were delivered to Changshu factory and will be sent to Europe in batches

On the same day, all 40 thermometers were sent to Gonvarri's European factory.


On March 25th, GONVVAMA HR manager, Changshu plant manager, EHS supervisor were invited to share the experience of GONVVAMA in the prevention and control of the epidemic with colleagues in ArcelorMittal Europe through conference call, and answer their questions.

We wish that with the successful experience of GONVVAMA in fighting against the Covid-19 outbreak and the support on prevention supplies, colleagues in Europe can tide over the difficulties and enjoy the beautiful spring together.