GONVVAMA Social Responsibility Activities in 2020

GONVVAMA has made remarkable achievements in production and sales in 2020. While pursuing economic benefits and protecting the interests of shareholders and employees, GONVVAMA get its social responsibility fully implemented by protecting environment, alleviating poverty, caring the elderly and children, and advocating a healthy lifestyle.

Although China has seen great progress in its economic development, many difficulties still exist. Some poor people need help,and special groups such as people with disabilities, the elderly and left-behind children need care.These responsibilities, of course, require efforts of the government, but also require efforts from enterprises.

On April 30th, 2020, organized by Enterprise Federation of Loudi Economic Development Zone, the quality supervisor of GONVVAMA Loudi Factory, on behalf of GONVVAMA, went to Shuizhu Village, Caojia Town, Xinhua County where he got to know local poor households' difficulties and problems and gave them cash support.

During the Dragon Boat Festival in 2020, 85 elderly people in Dongzhang Nursing home have been under closed management for a long time due to the COVID-19 epidemic. They can't get together with their families. Knowing this, GONVVAMA Changshu factory management and labor union paid a visit to the Nursing home before the festival and brought gifts to the old people. 

On July 27th, 2020, volunteers of GONVVAMA Shenyang Factory came to Shenyang Children's Welfare Home on behalf of the company and donated diapers and masks for the children. We hope that more charitable people will pay attention to the orphans and disabled children, so that the little angels can be stronger and stronger!

On December 6th, 2020, volunteers from GONVVAMA Loudi Factory donated books and carried out teaching activities for the lower grade students in Qingshu Primary School in Fengping Town, Lianyuan, which is a rural primary school with a total of 60 students, 80-90% of whom are left-behind children.Students in grades one to three don't have any extra-curricular books to read. We hope that GONVVAMA Loudi factory's charity action can set the sail of knowledge for these children's dreams.

With the economic development of the world and our country, the environment is deteriorating day by day, especially the pollution of air, water and sea. For the survival of mankind and sustainable economic development, enterprises must assume the responsibility of protecting environment and maintaining the harmony of nature.

September 19th is the "World Clean Earth Day", shenyang Environmental Protection Volunteers Association initiated an activity themed at "Beautiful Shenyang, we are the actors" --  to protect the mother river of Shenyang. GONVVAMA Shenyang employees participated in the activity by setting up GONVVAMA Environmental Protection pioneer team.

At noon of September 24th, Chongqing factory held the first charity sale activity, everyone signed up to become a stall owner, and actively brought their idle items for charity sale.This event not only advocates recycling and sustainable development of resources, but also raises funds for public welfare activities.

COVID-19 outbreak brought stronger awareness on good health.

Loudi Factory, in the form of outdoor charity run, advocates keeping a strong body and positive attitude. 

Chongqing factory and Shenyang factory organized "Walk for public Benefit" activity, which advocates to exercise at home while making contributions to the public. Employees who take more than 10,000 steps a day can donate their steps to a charity project initiated by WeChat Sports. All the funds raised this time will go to "Spring Bud Project", a public welfare project for children, to support girls who have dropped out of school in poor areas in their studies, to improve schooling conditions in poor areas, and to assist in developing education and welfare programs for children and adolescents.

GONVVAMA's love and effort,  like silent spring rain, bring hope and change to this world.Going ahead, GONVVAMA will continue to spread love and fulfill social responsibility to make the world a better place!